Camp Vladimir Vanja Grbić

Summer volleyball camp

Vladimira Vanje Grbića

SOKOBANJA 28.06.2020. – 02.08.2020.

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Camp Vanje Grbica Recovery Center.

Professionally dealing with sports exposes the body to great efforts and as a result, sports injuries often occur. Injuries in sports activities are frequent and they represent injuries to the movement system. Muscle, tendon, ligaments and joints are most commonly reported. In order to improve the health of children and athletes, we decided to offer you something completely unique in this area.

U saradnji sa Klinikom za rehabilitaciju GB Medic i fizioterapeutom Goranom Blagojevićem, nudimo najmoderniji pristup tretiranju sportskih povreda najmodernijom terapijom. Uz adekvatnu dijagnostiku i rehabilitaciju, sportisti će imati na raspolaganju teretanu, obuku na pesku , obuku u bazenu i opšte ortopedske i motoričke testove.

We guarantee fast recovery and return to the volleyball court in record time. Gosa was seven years old member of all women's national teams and men's senior team as a physiotherapist, where he gained a lot of experience in working with athletes. If you have a shoulder injury, or you have problems with recovery after ACL, knee problems, ankle problem, chronic back pain, sign up to Camp Vanja Grbica Recovery Center and completely cure and return to the field. All informations you can get on this web site by sending an email or calling the number.

Sa početkom od 28. juna do 02. avgusta sa smenama od 7 dana održaće se četvrti letnji kamp Vladimira Vanje Grbić.
Sokobanja was a logical choice since it's between the two mountains Rtanj and Ozren, and also known as a spa for respiratory diseases.

Children participating in our camp will be staying at Hotel Moravica where each room holds 2 to 3 beds, 200 beds in total. In the hotel, you can find: a restaurant seating 400 people, 2 halls (used for business meetings or lunches), a club, gym and a movie theatre seating up to 200 people.


3 volleyball courts will be specially made for Vanja Grbic’s camp in front of the hotel. The city is also offering the camp an arena with 3 volleyball courts and an additional court not too far from the arena.

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Over the years we have been able to own enough equipment to make one on one coaching possible and enough for every volleyball court for your kids to enjoy. All coaches are certified trainers and they follow Vanja Grbic’s training programs. This one on one coaching is included in the price.

Volleyball Camp Vladimir Vanja Grbić


Aqua Park is available for 1 hour in the morning and 2 hours in the afternoon. During this time, only a kids participating in this camp will have access to the Aqua Park.